Thursday, April 30, 2009

State of Panic

The News Media is at it again. They are perpetually trying to create a story or series of stories that would put the world in panic mode. In the past we have feared the Asian Bird Flu, Killer Bees, Shark Bites, West Nile Virus, and so on. Instead of reporting the news, the media at large puts a negative spin on everything in an attempt to boost ratings. It's an irresponsible and despicable use of the public airway but if it were all wine and roses, would you tune in?

It is quickly becoming a trend to have each new summer bring with it a wave of new urgent stories to stir up public attention. The newest reason to panic is the Swine Flu. The swine flu, just like the horrific shark attacks and the killer bees that never made it to the US, is not as bad as reported. According to the LA times, “Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild.”,0,3606923.storyNow
The Swine Flu could become horrible, God forbid. However, it’s simply not that bad right now. What is worse is the panic everyone is in over the possibility of a mass pandemic.

It’s not enough to just report the negative or tragic but the media comes up with horrifying slogans and inappropriate logos to sell the story. Tag lines read before every commercial indicate we are all going to die; we just need to tune in to see how.

I believe we have created a culture of fear perpetuated by the media and government.

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