Friday, February 6, 2009

Daddy Roman Day

I always enjoy my day off at home with Roman. We have a set routine that we carry out each and every week. It starts with a trip to Target then my allergy Dr. where I get shots and Roman gets a sucker. He always reminds me that I am the one getting the shots, two in one arm and one in the other, and he is the one getting the sucker just in case the shot nurse gets things confused. We end our routine by getting some lunch together.

If you spend a lot of time with a 2 year old you appreciate their innocence. The way a 2 year old sees the world is unlike any other age group. The sad reality is that we are raising them in a world that is simply waiting to destroy their uncritical eyes. We train them to see people based on their color, social and economic status, age, and gender.

As adults we are to caught up in being on top, making the most money, getting the most notoriety and credit. We always want credit for what we do. The problem is, it is all earthly gain. Matthew 16 says it best, “What good is it if a man gains the whole world yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Michael Scott once said, "If a baby were president, there would be no taxes, there would be no war. There would be no government, and things could get terrible. It actually, probably - it would be a better screenplay idea than a serious suggestion."

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Margie said...

Its Daddy Roman Party Day!!